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Propositioned contracts and their impact

    By David Wojs Posted April 8, 2019 In Incident Management

    A recent article in the Houston Business Journal on Propositioned contracts is not only an interesting read but also provides some insightful lessons learned. Having supported agencies impacted by Hurricane Harvey we witnessed both the successes of propositioned assets and contracting vehicles as well as the difficulty fulfilling needs that were not thought of ahead of the storm.


    Some questions to ask of your agency ahead of these types of events:


    • What supplies or resources are available that can be safely propositioned?
    • Can we ramp up supply and equipment par levels in safe areas?
    • Do we have any emergency contract that could be activated?
    • What emergency contracting methods does our organization have?
    • What potential agency specific needs do we foresee that may not be available through FEMA or other disaster relief agencies?


    When it comes to disasters the “response” begins with the preparation before the event.


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